Submission Rules

Make sure to follow these rules when adding or editing a bot, or to make sure your bot stays listed!

All bots on the list are required to follow our submission rules. These are a simple set of rules that make sure all bots have a base level of quality.


  • Any provided content on the bot's page on the list, it's own linked website or any external content must be of generally high quality. Low effort content, such as a a rushed page or no grammar/bad spelling will not be accepted.

  • Bots must follow the Discord Terms of Service and Guidelines, and try to follow the Discord Bot Best Practices guidelines.

  • Bots with the pure intention to misinform, spam, cheat or scam users, or any related/malicious goals will not be accepted, and in severe cases will be reported to Discord.

  • When listed, a bot must have a valid prefix, description and body. Bots are reviewed weekly for compliance to these, and unless you have a reason for a flaw, you will be warned.


These ones aren't "required", but we heavily encourage you follow them to get the most out of your bot's listing on!

  • Be as descriptive as you can in your body, through guides, detailed feature descriptions, overviews, command lists, whatever. The more detail you have, the better it is for everyone.

  • Use formatting sparingly. We support full GitHub flavored markdown, and while that's really cool and helps out, using it too much will make your page look terrible. Use bold and italics to mark important content, use codeblocks for commands and arguments that have to stand out, and use tables/quotes for more rich content.

Remember, when looking for a bot, users are far more likely to choose a detailed and rich bot over a poorly described, low quality one.

If you have a suggestion for either of these paragraphs, let us staff know and we'll take it into consideration.